Donna Calhoun
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics (MG241A)
Boise State University
1910 University Dr.
Boise, ID 83725-1555
208 426-3386 (tel) 208 426-1356 (fax)
e-mail : donnacalhoun[at]

Research interests

My research areas of interest include

  • Numerical algorithm development for finite volume methods on Cartesian, adaptive meshes
  • Numerical methods for solving partial differential equations on non-Euclidean surfaces (e.g. sphere).
  • High performance computing, including massive parallel computing using MPI, and fine grain parallelism on GPUs
  • Applications in natural hazards modeling, including depth-averaged modeling for tsunamis and overland flooding, transport models for volcanic ash transport and compressible flows for combustion, including wildfire modeling.
  • Scientific software development. I am the main developer of ForestClaw, a parallel, adaptive library for finite volume methods on Cartesian grids


ForestClaw software

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Teaching - Current semester

Spring 2022

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