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Parallel Scientific Computing (ME 471/571)

In this course, we will learn how to use parallel programming tools to solve problems in science and engineering. Topics covered include parallel tools available in Python, basics of MPI programming, CUDA programming for graphics processing units, and OpenMP (if time permits). We will also cover version control using Git, and build systems using Make. Computing facilities available on the BSU campus will also be discussed. Basic programming skills in a compiled language such as C, C++ or Java is desirable, as is some knowledge of interpreted languages such as Python, Matlab or Julia.

Send me an e-mail

Please send me an e-mail at so that I can compile an e-mail list for the class. At the very least, include a subject header that says "ME 471". You may leave the message area blank, if you wish, or send me a short note about what you hope to get out of this course.

Basic course information

Instructor Prof. Donna Calhoun
Time Mon/Wed 3:00-4:15
Place MG136 (Math Computing Lab)
Office Hours Tuesday 1:30-3:00, or by appt.
Prerequesites Prior programming experience

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Required and recommended textbooks

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Week #1 (Jan. 10)
Monday --  Introduction to terminal window, bash shell commands, OSX
Other items of interest :
Sample .bash_profile (.bash_profile)
Some useful or interesting links
In class notes, scripts and topics (Course Wiki)

Week #2 (Jan. 15)

Week #3 (Jan. 27)

Week #4 (Feb. 3)

Week #5 (Feb. 10)

Week #6 (Feb. 17)

Week #7 (Feb. 24)

Week #8 (Mar. 2)

Week #9 (Mar. 9)

Week #10 (Mar. 16)

Week #11 (Mar. 30)

Week #12 (Apr. 6)

Week #13 (Apr. 13)

Week #14 (Apr. 20)

Week #15 (Apr. 27)

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Homework assignments

Homework #1

Due Feb. 1 (tentative)

Assignment :
Updates to homework :
 --  (1/28/2020) Homework #1 posted

Homework #2

Due Feb. 28 (tentative)

Assignment :

Homework #3

Due March 13

Assignment :
Updates to homework :
 --  (3/4/2020) Details of problem #3 to follow
 --  (3/8/2020) Added details to problem #2 and #3.
 --  (3/18/2020) Fixed bug in reaction-diffusion equation; other minor edits

Homework #4

Due April 10 (tentative)

Assignment :
Updates to homework :
 --  (3/27/2020) Minor points of clarification; added optional 1-norm error check
 --  (4/6/2020) Add details to Turing problem

Homework #5

Due May 1 (tentative)

Assignment :

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Final Project

The final will be a final project

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Grading policy

Grades will be based on successful completion of all homeworks. Students missing one or more homeworks can expect to only receive a grade not greater than a B.

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