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Fundamentals of Applied Mathematics (Math 537)

This course will introduce you to fundamental techniques in applied Mathematics. We will begin with analytic techniques for solving ordinary and partial differential equations. Theory including Sturm-Liouville theory will be covered.

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Please send me an e-mail at so that I can compile an e-mail list for the class. At the very least, include a subject header that says "Math 537". You may leave the message area blank, if you wish, or send me a short note about what you hope to get out of this course.

Basic course information

Instructor Prof. Donna Calhoun
Time Wed/Fri 10:30-11:45
Place Zoom (remote)
Office Hours Wednesday 3-4
Prerequesites Math 515 or equivalent

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Recommended and suggested textbooks

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Below are the slides from lecture material that I can make available online.

Week #1 (Jan. 11)
Wednesday (1/13) --  Power series Method
Friday (1/15) -- 

Week #2 (Jan. 18)

Week #3 (Jan. 25)

Week #4 (Feb. 1)

Week #5 (Feb. 8)

Week #6 (Feb. 15)

Week #7 (Feb. 22)

Week #8 (Mar. 1)

Week #9 (Mar. 8)

Week #10 (Mar. 15)

Week #11 (Mar. 22)

Week #12 (Mar. 29)

Week #13 (Apr. 5)

Week #14 (Apr. 19)

Week #15 (Apr. 26)

Week #16 (May 3)

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Homework assignments

Homework projects are officially due at midnight on the dates listed below, but will be accepted until two days after, without a late penalty. So, if the homework is officially due on Friday at 5PM, you have until Sunday at 5PM to turn it in without penalty. A penalty of 10% will be incurred for every two days your homework is beyond the grace period deadline. You'll turn in your homeworks in Blackboard. Please read the Homework Tips before turning in your homework!

Homework #0


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Final Project


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Grading policy

Homework projects (including the final activity) will count for 80% of your final grade, quizzes will count towards 20% of your grade. All homeworks will be equally weighted.

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